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Guelph, Ontario, CANADA | dx T1 2016 (Misdiagnosed 2001)

Charlie is 58 years old, and one of 8 children. His parents are 90 and 86 and still live on their own - his 90 year old father still drives. The father of four adult children, 3 boys and a girl - each of them were his inspiration for applying for this years Adventure Team. Charlie and his beautiful wife Rosanna live in Guelph, Ontario, where they have resided their entire lives. His wife and children have done their best to learn about Charlie’s diabetes and keep him on the right track, as hard as that is at times.


London, Ontario, Canada | dx 1993

Tina has been rocking the world of living with T1 for 25 years. Her connection to the T1 community and outdoor adventures started at Camp Huronda where she worked for 17 summers, the final few as the Assistant Director. She was thrilled at the idea of an organization like CIM coming to fruition after her camp days ended as she realized the strength and knowledge of a T1 community is vital for managing this disease. Tina has some experience in the outdoors, but nothing like what the Rockwall has in store. She has taken on her 25th diaversary as one for celebrating living well with type one and doing big things! She has taken Adam Brown’s writing in Bright Spots and Landmines to heart, with regards to eating and insulin management and is currently training for a half marathon with CIM in Ottawa on May 27. The Rockwall Trail will be the grand finale! She is the Executive Director at Montessori Academy of London, where she tries to get on every outdoor field trip as possible, and lives in the city with her husband Kary and 9 year old son William. Together they share a passion for fishing and baseball.


Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada | dx 2000

Paul Chalmers lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario and works full-time for U-Haul. He also is completing his BA in Business Management. Paul loves long walks on the beach, snowboarding, reading and hanging with friends. He loves Slipstreams and looks forward to the chance to meet new friends and connect with old ones (that you haven't seen in 16 years from before you both had diabetes - seriously, that happened). Paul is excited to learn new and interesting ideas about diabetes. Interesting Fact: In 2016, Paul received Niagara's 40 under 40 business award for young leaders in the Niagara area.


Lakefield, Ontario, Canada | dx 2017

Sarah is 22 years old and from small-town Lakefield, Ontario! She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just last summer while finishing her degree in marine biology from Dalhousie University in Halifax. Sarah is now back in Ontario working as a veterinary assistant and working towards her ultimate goal: getting into vet school.

Sarah is an avid outdoors adventurer, but backcountry canoe tripping is her true love, and she has spent two incredible summers leading canoe trips at Camp Arowhon in Algonquin Park.

Being newly diagnosed, Sarah is nervous (terrified) but excited to be able to continue pushing herself on outdoor adventures and in her everyday life with the added twist of diabetes, and learn from other Type 1s all their tips, tricks, and how to embrace this new version of life. Sarah couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the Connected in Motion community and hopes to reaffirm her confidence and abilities through the daunting challenges of this trip, and empower other newly diagnosed Type 1s like her to leap wildly off the comfort zone cliff and live a life of adventure!


Denver, Colorado, USA | dx 2000

Katie Thivener was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio in a close community always surrounded by supportive and caring family and friends.

She was diagnosed with type 1 when she was 6 years old. She has always viewed type 1 as a 'challenge accepted', strengthening factor, and way to live a healthier life.

Katie has always been passionate about giving back to the type 1 community. The tipping point came when she co-founded a College Diabetes Network group for The Ohio State University, she realized this was an arena she wanted to dedicate a large portion of her life.

The determination to find leaders in the future of diabetes care led to an internship at the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes in Colorado summer of 2015 spiraling into full-time employment on the Barbara Davis Center Pediatric Artificial Pancreas Team in 2016.

Katie knew the second she stepped into the center this was where she belonged. The Barbara Davis Center is full of energy, passion, and people working to heighten care for those with T1D. Outside of work, she has been a volunteer at the Children's Diabetes Foundation, Colorado Children's Hospital, medical staff for American Diabetes Association Camp Colorado, and is currently pursuing a Master's in Public Health in order to obtain a Certified Diabetes Educator license to be able to further help those with type 1 diabetes.

Colorado continues to fill Katie's adventurous spirit and strong love of the outdoors.

She is most excited to connect with new people in the CIM Adventure Team Trek, push herself, and experience another adventure!


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | dx 1995

Autumn is a PhD student at the University of Alberta, researching habitat restoration for endangered prairie species. She grew up in Parry Sound, ON on the shores of Georgian Bay and has always had a love of the outdoors. She was diagnosed with T1D in 1996 and uses a MiniMed Paradigm insulin pump.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | dx 1998

Ellie was born in Toronto, ON and has lived with Type 1 diabetes for 20 years. She may have grown up in the city, but Ellie developed a love for the outdoors spending every summer kayaking in Charlevoix, and canoe tripping with Camp Huronda. Ellie moved 4 years ago to Squamish, BC where she completed her Bachelor's of Arts and Science at Quest University Canada specializing in neuroscience. Specifically, Ellie is passionate about learning and memory and developmental neuroscience. In BC, she has taken advantage of the beautiful landscape, swimming, skiing, and hiking. Ellie is incredibly excited to be joining the Connected in Motion adventure team to raise awareness about Type 1, challenge herself, and connect with other folks living with Type 1.


Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada | dx 2015

Chris Hawley sailed into this world, the fourth child and only son to a Nova Scotian Maritime family. Part way through his studies at Dalhousie, Chris decided on a hiatus to pursue a real life education, to travel the world or, as some romanticise, to ‘find yourself’. He spent a year living and working in Scotland. Exploring the countryside, hiking, and running up mountain paths brought him closer to some of his roots and gave him a jumping off point to explore Europe and the Mediterranean. It was on this yearlong journey that Chris learned more about himself and the world surrounding him. It was now clear that travel would become a life-long- learning endeavour.

He returned to Dalhousie to finish his degree in Management, and after a short corporate foray, resigned his managerial career path five years ago, to once again return to nature and to see more of the world from the perspective of Canada’s North. While corporate life is not for him, Chris concluded that he could use his passion for fitness to help people, and in so doing, marry his background in business to his love of fitness. Consequently, he renovated and completed a comprehensive training studio. Chris also works with adults with intellectual and physical challenges.

He was diagnosed with T1D in 2015. In some ways it can be a challenge living in the North, but since his diagnosis, planning daily activities and healthcare have figured more prominently to maintain his active lifestyle. Throughout his journey though, Chris’s family has given new meaning to the word ‘support’.

Chris cannot wait to have this opportunity to meet other T1Ds, to challenge himself physically and mentally on this Adventure and, in the process, forge friendships through Connected in Motion.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada | dx 1991

Marcia never really got over her love of summer camp; she was thrilled to find herself back in a canoe when she discovered CIM in 2017. She enjoys just about any outdoor activity and is also a keen tennis and squash player. Marcia has three children and one grandchild, loads of energy, a freelance marketing career, and a love of wit and wordplay.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada | dx 1994

When he isn’t daydreaming about ripping down a mountain in knee deep powder, you can find Hank behind a camera. His passion for film and media began when he was a young child– seeing blockbuster films had him hooked. Whether it’s on a mountain, or inside a studio, the need to tell a story through images consumes his time. His love for the outdoors and filmmaking collide head-on in his role with Connected in Motion as their video producer. Hank is the man and the mind behind the CIM Adventure Team video project.


Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA | dx 2002

Coming Soon!


Toronto, Ontario, Canada | 5.5er + Guide

Stephi grew up in Scotland playing in the wild North Sea and watching David Attenborough documentaries. Her taste for adventure only grew as she completed an honours degree in Environmental Geoscience at the University of Edinburgh and she hasn’t stopped moving since. Stephi has guided trips all over the world – Tanzania, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, Borneo, Greenland, Antarctica – and extensively within Canada. She’s a passionate whitewater canoeist and kayaker, multi-day hiker and sea-kayaker. Stephi is excited to share her love for the wilderness with Connected in Motion by coordinating CIM’s Adventure Series.


San Diego, California

Maggie Crawford loves playing in the mountains and in the ocean. Her best days are spent playing outside from sunup til sundown. Maggie has type 1 diabetes and enjoys taking it along surfing, climbing, trail running, and mountain biking. She is pursuing her PhD in Public Health, where she focuses on helping people manage their diabetes. Maggie will be joining the team as Team Photographer.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada | dx 1987 + Guide

Jen has grown up with Type 1 diabetes. Diagnosed in 1987, she has never let diabetes stop her from pursuing her passion. Jen’s early beginnings as a campfire-loving, bug-catching, mud-puddle-jumping, tree-climbing tot sparked in her a love for the natural world that has been fostered and frown into a full-blown passion for everything outdoors. Jen has degrees in Kinesiology and Education and specializes in Outdoor and Experiential Health education. Jen has worked with Connected In Motion for 10 years and is now CIM's Executive Director.