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Amanda Sullivan

By October 6, 2010Fresh Air Blog

Amanda took her first steps in Terrace, British Columbia,  but the memories of her childhood are spread all around Kamloops, BC–the beautiful City she has grown to love and now calls home.

What’s your story?
Amanda is just starting to experiance the life of a 16 year old and so far, her life has been anything but ordinary! Looking back, she wouldn’t change a thing! Born Amanda Louise Sullivan, but better known as “Sully”, she was diagnosed with diabetes when she was only 23 months old! A wee one! Amanda was on needles until she was 8 years old when she became the first person in her city to go on the Insulin Pump (yep, she’s pretty much a legend in Kamloops! 😉 ).  Amanda goes to SKSS (GO TITANS!) and loves sports! She plays volleyball, soccer (both for her school and rep teams) and is planning on playing Rugby for the first time this year! Amanda’s passion is music–sing it, write it, love it!  Her family is crazy but she loves them to pieces. She’s met some of the coolest people from all over and loves chillin’ with her homies and making the best memories! Amanda loves life and is always expanding and exploring!

Amanda is a Youth Ambassador for Juvenile Diabetes through the JDRF.  She finds this a rewarding position and is  very proud of it–a chance to inspire hope for a cure! She’s had the opportunity to meet some of the people who are closest to her heart because of diabetes and for that reason alone, all of her pain and hardship is worth it!

Amanda has gone to the Diabetes session at Camp Elphinstone for over 6 years.  There she has made memories and friendships that she will have forever.  One of the coolest things that she’s got to do because of diabetes definitely would be hanging out with the crew from ConnectedinMotion! Also, Amanda has been told that she saved the life of her childhood best friend when she diagnosed her with diabetes and took her to the hospital.  She’s come to the belief she was given the disease for a reason, so when things get tough, she thinks of all the hope that there is out there and everything that has happened in her life! Without it, she wouldn’t be who she is today!

What keeps you ‘in motion’?
Passion keeps Amanda driven and the chase for her dreams keeps her running! She’s always down for an adventure!  This summer she graduated from a White Water Kayaking Camp!! She is proud to say that she’s a ‘volleyball chick’, a ‘go get em soccer freak’, a snowboarder and a little on the wild side.! Endurance, motivation and perseverance!