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CIM in Igloolik, Nunavut

Connected in Motion is heading North. WAY NORTH!

Rob and I are heading to Igloolik, Nunavut tomorrow to run 2-weeks of experiential diabetes education at Ataguttaaluk High School.

Igloolik, meaning ‘place of houses’ is a predominantly Inuit community of less than 2000 people located on an island just south of the northwestern part of Baffin Island in Nunavut Territory.

In Igloolik at this time of the year, we can expect that daily temperatures will range from around freezing to -60 degrees BELOW! Mid-November is the start of the ‘dark season’ meaning the sun will just briefly show its face – 6 hours a day at this point, but rapidly decreasing over the next few weeks.

We are in a packing frenzie right now, putting together warm clothing, extra food and supplies as well as all of the resources and materials for our programs – there is no dropping into Staples or the local CDA office for last minute things! No pharmacy and nowhere to get pump supplies. No Timmy’s for coffee either! So we need to be prepared.

We are extremely excited to get up there, to meet new people, experience a new culture within our own country and to get out on the land. We are looking forward to sharing our experience with diabetes; however, we are equally excited to LEARN as much as we can about life with diabetes in the far north.