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Words by Jen Hanson  |  Photos by Mike Last

And Winter Slipstream #7 has come to a close. Another one in the books. It’s hard to believe that it has been over seven years since CIM founder, Chloe Vance, turned her idea to create a space for like-minded adults with Type 1 diabetes to connect into a reality – a reality that has grown through the momentum of the very first slipstream into a community spanning the country.

Winter Slipstream was the place that it all began – where Connected in Motion, the organization, was born. Each year there is a certain excitement that is revived as we float into the New Year and towards another Winter Slipstream weekend. This year, we’ll let the photos speak to themselves. Thank you to everyone who shared their weekend with us, helped make the community stronger, and redefined what it means to live life with Type 1 diabetes.

Check out more photos and stories from the weekend by following #Slipstream15 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

An extra thank you to Animas Canada, Montméd, and the Medtronic Foundation for their ongoing support of CIM’s programming.

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