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Jonny White in Motion

Jonathan White is from Halifax, but currently lives in Toronto. He is a PhD student in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University, President of City Language Exchange Inc., multi-sport adventurer and a motivational speaker.

What’s your story?

I became diabetic at age 15. At first I was reluctant but I’ve warmed up to it. I’m currently 27, enjoying working on a doctorate in Media Psychology in which I essentially study the art and science of story. I also create web businesses, documentaries, and other media projects. Two years ago I was lucky enough to get a chance to bicycle from the top to the bottom of Africa. 10 countries, 4 months, 12,000km, and a big nap at the end. I filmed the trip and am creating a professional documentary and webisodes. School-wise I have undergrad degrees in psychology and business and a MSc in organizational psychology.

How do you keep ‘in Motion’?

I find a sport I love. It’s always changing for me, which is half the fun. I play hockey, run, kayak, kitesurf, box, and am looking for the next big adventure, although a crazy diabetic just recently talked me into probably joining him for the original marathon (Marathon-Athens) in Nov/09.

Do you have ‘Words of Betes Wisdom’ to share?

I think I’m challenged by diabetes, which makes me tougher, and different because of it.
It makes me care less about social norms and enables me to focus on my passions.