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Lessons Learned Series: Dexcom G5 Widget

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Do you use Dexcom G5? Do you use your iPhone as a receiver? Here’s how to get the Dexcom Widget on your iPhone. This will help you see your BGs on your iPhone, even when your phone is locked.

What is a widget: On your iPhone, a widget shows you important information pulled from the apps on your iPhone. Typical widgets include weather and news. Have an iPhone? Grab it and swipe right on your home or lock screen. Those are your widgets! By setting up your Dexcom widget, you’ll be able to swipe right and see your BG reading without having to unlock your phone.


STEP 1: Download the Dexcom App from the App Store.

STEP 2: When your iPhone is locked, swipe right.

STEP 3: You should see a bunch of applications on your screen: Your most commonly opened apps, the weather, battery life – Everyone’s settings are different. Scroll to the very bottom of this screen. These are called widgets.

STEP 4: Click Edit. Enter your Passcode.

STEP 5: At the top of the screen, you’ll see all of the widgets you have installed in the order that they appear on your lock screen. Move these around to customize what you see first.

STEP 6: Scroll down. You should see the Dexcom icon. (Don’t see it – Make sure you’ve installed the app!)

STEP 7: Click the green + symbol. It will now move to your active widgets section. Consider moving the Dexcom widget to the very top of your list so you never miss seeing it!

STEP 8: Click done in the top right corner.

STEP 9: Scroll through your widgets and check out your BGs on your lock screen!


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