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Lessons Learned Series: Dexcom Share Set-up

Learn how to use Dexcom Share and Dexcom Follow.

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Here’s how to set-up Dexcom Share and the Dexcom Follow app, so friends or family members can see your BG data remotely. 

What is Dexcom Share/Follow:  Dexcom Share is a feature in the Dexcom app that allows a user (the “Sharer”) to remotely share their blood sugar data with another person (the “Follower”). The Sharer’s data is sent to the Dexcom Share Cloud, which can then be viewed by invited Followers through the Dexcom Follow app. Sharers can choose when Followers can see data, and which alerts each Follower will receive (for example, an Urgent Low alert only).


SHARER: Smart device*, Dexcom G5 app, internet or mobile data

FOLLOWER: Smart device*, Dexcom Follow app, internet or mobile data

*Check if your smart device is compatible HERE.


In the Dexcom app, tap the pyramid in the top right corner. This will take you to your Share settings. Turn Sharing ON.

Click the “+” button to add a new Follower, then enter a nickname and email. You can add up to five Followers.

Dexcom Share Screen
Dexcom Share Status


Choose which alerts and notifications a Follower will receive, and when. You can customize these for each individual follower, including BG thresholds and time spent above or below that threshold.

  • Trend Graph View (ON/OFF) — when OFF, Followers will only see BG value and trend arrow
  • Urgent Low alert (ON/OFF) + (Notify below ___ mmol/L)
  • Low alert (ON/OFF) + (Notify below ___ mmol/L) + (For more than ___ min)
  • High alert (ON/OFF) + (Notify below ___ mmol/L) + (For more than ___ min)
  • No More Data alert (ON/OFF)

Once you’ve confirmed the settings, an email invitation is sent to the Follower. Sharers can remove a Follower at any time.

Dexcom Share
Dexcom Share Screen


Finally, a Follower must set up the Dexcom Follow app on their smart device. Followers will receive an invitation email from the Sharer. Use the links included to download the Follow app and accept the invitation to follow a Sharer.

Followers will see the “recommended settings” the Sharer has customized for them. Followers can customize alert settings within the permissions given by the Sharer. Followers cannot turn Trend Graph View ON if the Sharer has turned it OFF.

The Follower can now view the Sharer’s BG data when they open the Follow app and will receive any applicable alerts.


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