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Margaux Burns

By September 29, 2010Fresh Air Blog

Margaux was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia but is currently living in Paris, France!

What’s your story?
Margaux is 20 years old and has had diabetes for 3 years.  She has been on the pump for 2 of those years and also use a CGM! Margaux completed two years at the University of Victoria but has decided to take some time off from her studies and head out on an adventure!

The coolest thing Margaux has done while living with diabetes is the very adventure that she is on right now! Margaux is living in Paris for a year as an aupair for a French family. She packed up her life and moved to France in order to see the world and to take the time to figure out what she is going to do with the rest of her life.  Although having diabetes didn’t give her this opportunity, it sure didn’t stop her!!

What keeps you ‘in motion’?
To stay in motion, Margaux likes to run and play volleyball.  After the trip to Garibaldi Provincial Park with Connected in Motion, Margaux has a new found interest in hiking and backpacking!  She also loves to travel as well as to dance and sing (but only when she’s by herself!)