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Recap | Summer Slipstream 2017

Photos by Mike Last  |  Words by Jen Hanson

This September, 45 members of the Type 1 community came together to experience Slipstream in Ontario. The weekend had the feel of camp for adults, with the flair that only people with Type 1 can bring.

From educational sessions including the infamous Hot Topics that sees the group crowdsourcing answers to the biggest challenges around diabetes and exercise, travel, technology, healthcare teams, finances, pregnancy, and more; to a hands-on adventure in baking (congrats to team Apple Dimples on crafting the perfectly carb-counted, beautiful, and tasty cookie – and we should note, we didn’t let the teams have recipes – just a basic lesson on how an egg yolk affects a cookie, or what a substitute of apple sauce will do). We learned about the latest and greatest in diabetes tech (keep your eyes peeled on the Fresh Air Blog for summaries); and every Slipstreamer went home with a copy of Adam Brown’s book Bright Spots and Landmines – It’s been cool to see some of Adam’s tips and tricks being put to use!

And of course, we got outside.

More coming soon, but here’s a sneak peak at this year’s Slipstream. Thank you to our partners at Medtronic, Animas, BD, and One Touch for making this Slipstream possible.

Interested in joining us at a Slipstream? We have TWO MORE happening this year – October 13-15 in Atlantic Canada and October 27-29 in California. Keep your eyes peeled for the EIGHT Slipstream happening around the globe in 2018!