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Words by Julie De Vos  |  Photos by Jen Hanson


Something almost magical happens whenever Connected In Motion heads West. I wish that I knew the exact ingredients that make our Western Slipstream event feel this way. Is it the fact that CIM is still so new and in those early stages out west? Is it the mist coming off of the mountains and salt water air that feeds your soul? Is it the fact that everyone is as excited as I am about psychology and mental health (ok maybe I am more excited than most about this…)?


CIM is truly blessed to be touched by so many amazing people across the country – East to West. Please don’t get me wrong, I love our Winter Slipstream, our adventure programs, and day events. If you know me, you know how much I love cheering at Ottawa Race Weekend! I have lived part of my adult life in Western Canada and I often feel like I am returning to a second home or seeing an old friend you haven’t seen in awhile but in the time away your friendship never missed a beat.  Maybe it’s because I missed Winter Slipstream this year (yes, you can get chickenpox twice!!) and somehow that little spot in my heart saved for Slipstream hadn’t quite been replenished.

There were a mixture of people at the event this year – some who came to the event last year, some who hadn’t been in a few years and made their ways back to us, and a group of brand new Connected In Motion friends. We had athletes, professionals, outdoor adventurers, creative minds, and an overall warm and welcoming Type 1 group.


We were also incredibly blessed to have Michelle Sorensen, Ottawa-based clinical psychologist and fellow T1D, present on Coping Strategies for living with Type 1 diabetes from a strength based approach/perspective. It set the stage for the weekend and left a deep and lasting impression.

On Saturday we hiked the trail around Brohm Lake and had an amazing view of the Tantalus Range with only a few clouds in the sky. Thanks to Cam Hyde, a Type 1 from Squamish, for being our guide for the day. After the hike, the Type 1 group headed back to the Cheakamus Centre and dove into a Technology Q & A session with our event sponsors. Sunday was spent stand up paddle boarding on Alice Lake and collecting our thoughts about the weekend we had just spent together.


After being a part of these events for the last few years, there is one thing I know for sure: when your face hurts from laughing so much and everyone is in stitches from all of the jokes and stories flying around the room, this Slipstream is going to be one to remember!

A Slipstreamer shared her feelings about the event, saying “There are times when I am on the fence and not sure if I really need to go back this year. Then now as the weekend begins to wrap up it hits me. I realize just how much I truly needed this”.

I couldn’t agree more.

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Animas Canada, Medtronic, and Insulet Corporation, we are so thankful for your help to support our Type 1 diabetes programs, we truly couldn’t do what we do without you! 2015-10-Blogs-WesternSponsors