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Smash Diabetes!

Smash Diabetes 2014
So, you’ve got your pumpkin for tonight’s Halloween festivities, and are preparing to channel your inner Martha Stewart to create something amazing and scary… but what will you do with said pumpkin once October 31st has come to a close? Well, our friends over at Glu and T1D Exchange have an idea: Smash Diabetes!

Here’s the idea:

  1. Go over to www.smashdiabetes.org and sign up.
  2. Celebrate Halloween with your pumpkin as usual.
  3. On November 1st, document the smashing, dicing, and/or slicing of your pumpkin and explain why you want to smash diabetes.
  4. Share your photos or video on social media with the tag #SmashDiabetes

We all have those frustrating diabetes days where things aren’t going right with our blood glucose levels, and now’s your chance to express them, share them, and get them out of your system!

Check out the video below and the www.smashdiabetes.org for more info, and to get involved…