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Street Team Shoutout: Erin Randall

What is your relationship to CIM?

I love people with Type 1 diabetes!


What do you like about volunteering?

  • It allows me to give back to a community that has meant so much to my family.
  • Connecting with people. It provides me with an opportunity to engage with those living with type 1 outside of a clinical setting. I always walk away having learned so much about the lived experience which I hope strengthens my work as an HCP.
  • It’s fun! and I get to be creative. 

What does the Type 1 diabetes community mean to you?

  • The diabetes community is inspiring
  • It’s witnessing a group of unique individuals with a common link, helping to build each other up and make the journey a little bit easier and a little less lonely.
  • It’s strength in numbers!

What volunteering have you done with CIM?

  • I came up with the idea of the 5.5er trip, helped with development/implementation (in the early years)
  • Helped organize the first CIM photo scavenger hunt in Toronto
  • Volunteered at Slipstream in the City 
  • Helped organize and run CIM volleyball tournaments
  • Part of the program team for Summer Slipstream (Ontario, 2016) – big game, 5.5er talk, etc.
  • Helped with the teen (transition) canoe trip (2016, 2017) – promoting, attending trip as HCP
  • Member of selection committee for expedition trips