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What’s Slipstream About Anyway?

Words by Heather Gomez | Art by ThinkLink Graphics

Are you a Slipstream first-timer?

If you have never been to one of our Slipstream Weekends, then you are probably wondering what actually happens at a Slipstream. What makes it so great? What does a whole group of adults with T1D do for three days together? Is it actually…fun?

We could tell you all about the adventurous activities we pack into the three-day weekend, and every crazy memory we’ve made at Slipstreams over the years, but we thought it would be more fun to show you!

Check out last year’s Adventure Board and Learning Recap Board, created by a graphic recorder who transformed our epic Summer Slipstream memories and takeaways into giant drawings. Below we highlight the key features in each board so take a peek!

We hope that once you see what Slipstream is all about, you will be just as excited as we are about this year’s Summer Slipstream. Our Early bird pricing ENDS Friday, August 18th! Be sure to head over to our registration page to save money!

Learning Board

  • Managing T1D before, during, and after being active

  • Addressing stress and mental health issues with T1D

  • A personal experience about pregnancy and T1D

  • Preparing helpful conversation-starters for you and your healthcare provider

  • Engaging our partners/families/friends (without diabetes) in the T1D world

Adventure Board

  • Hilarious diabetes-themed camp skits

  • Paddle boarding and swimming at the waterfront

  • Getting silly at the low ropes course

  • Canoeing, more canoeing, and war canoeing around the lake

  • Getting competitive in a game of archery tag

  • Reminiscing about adventures with friends

  • Getting creative during arts and crafts time

  • Filling up on delicious and nutritious meals