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Event Recap: March Indoor Climbing Day

What do knots, needles, tubing, chalk, and tight fitting shoes have in common??

Indoor Rock Climbing with Type 1 Diabetes! This past Saturday CIM took a group to Joe Rockhead’s in Toronto for an afternoon of indoor rock adventure. We had a lot of new faces out and, while the majority of the group were beginners, by the end of the afternoon everyone was pushing their comfort zones to literally reach new heights!

Thanks to one of Connected In Motion’s Ambassadors, Shannon Higson, we learned how to boulder and understand routes. Bouldering is a fun way of learning technique, develop problem solving skills, and to build strength and stamina. Also important were the crucial tips and tricks you only learn from experienced friends such as using luke warm water to wash the chalk off your hands after a day of climbing, as to not sting them.

Also a big thank you to Kale Boehmer for donating his time to Connected In Motion and teaching the beginner lesson. I don’t think anyone will soon forget Kale’s knot tying analogies anytime time soon! (Hold the rope out with one arm, strangle it, and punch it in the face… Voilà! Figure eight knot!)

After a great afternoon the crew headed out for some much needed nachos that lasted mere seconds and some time to chat with people about the day. Thanks to everyone that came out to climb with us and a big thank you to Animas Canada who generously supported our afternoon adventure!

Want to read more about CIM’s Indoor Climbing Day? Check out our friend Jess’ d-blog about her experiences at the event and her thoughts about climbing for the first time!

Want to get inspired about T1D climbing experts? Check out our friend Steve Richert’s project Living Vertical!

What’s up next for Connected in Motion? Check out our Annual Beach Volleyball Tournament happening April 13th, 2014! AND our next Indoor Climbing Day, May 10th, 2014!