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Event Recap: Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2014

The weather forecast had originally called for rain, but we were in luck: it was warm clear skies for the better part of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. Even if it had rained all weekend, with 50 participants out to cheer and run with Team CIM this year, the event would have been a blast no matter what.

This year was by far the largest team we’ve had out for the weekend, but even though many of the faces were familiar, there were a lot of first going on: first time running a race, first half-marathon, first full-marathon, first time running multiple races, first time cheering with Connected in Motion. No matter the demands and obstacles in front of those goals, every single member of the team threw everything they had at those challenges to not only reach their objectives, but superseded them with personal best times.

How was it that people pushed themselves to their best? Was it months of training leading up to the weekend? Was it the afternoon yoga before the races began on Saturday, led by the fabulous Angela Regnier? Was it being part of a supportive group all working toward the same finish line? Or was it the CIM cheer station located only 1k away from the end of all of the races?

I imagine there were multiple factors, but I like to think that last part was especially key. That cheer station, for me, kind of represents the heart and soul of Connected in Motion: Team CIM stayed to the very end of each race to cheer on every single runner to the finish. It didn’t matter if you were the elite athlete leading the race or the final participant of the marathon walking your way through the last 1 kilometer—you still got the same cheers and encouragement, because what mattered was setting a task and accomplishing it with determination, grace, and style. Everything past that? (Totally bolus-worthy) icing on the cake.

Thank you to everyone who made it out to cheer and run for the weekend! You all made Team CIM AWESOME!!! AND a HUGE thank you goes to all of you that fundraised. We brought in a record amount of donations totally $12, 830 this year! Finally, a special shout out goes out to Medtronic Canada for making our Friday night team dinner possible!