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Where the Magic Happens: Winter Slipstream 2013 Recap

Connected in Motion Winter Slipstream 2013 (49)
Magical things happen when we step beyond the limits of our comfort zones. Connected in Motion programs can make people ‘uncomfortable’. While this might seem like a bizarre thing to promote and brag about, we wholeheartedly believe it is our greatest strength.

comfort zone

Photo Credit: Meredith Miller

We help folks navigate the tumultuous boundaries that define the outer most limits of their comfort zones. It can be an uncomfortable place and it is a delicate process, but it is in these vulnerable moments that our often-impermeable shell is cracked and the magic of change is allowed in – we are enabled an opportunity to surprise ourselves with our strength and capacity. The moment we step beyond our comfort zone, our reality changes.

In helping people navigate these boundaries, we are tour guides to the land of possible.

Our 5th Annual Winter Slipstream Weekend was filled with the magic that is created when over 50 people join forces to create an inclusive, supportive and positive community space – a place to share, learn, vent, experience, let loose, and laugh (a lot). For many, simply coming to a Slipstream weekend for the first time is a stretch from their norms. There is anxiety about the unknown. New people. New places. New food. New activities. New ideas. Shared accommodation. Some reach their edge as they scale the high ropes course, suspended 3 stories above the ground by two twisted ropes. Others step beyond their zone when their skate blades touch ice for the first time in a decade. An injection at the dinner table amongst friends is unthinkable for some.

Over the past 5 years of CIM, we have come to realize that people’s comfort zones are as unique as snowflakes. One of the neatest things about a Slipstream weekend is seeing people leave with a new sense of ‘possible’. Experiences are transferable. Making it to the top of the vertical playground, skiing down that big steep hill or wearing a onesie and dancing like no one is watching might translate into more confidence. That confidence might just be put to use managing our diabetes, dealing with our health care teams or advocating for our rights as folks with Type 1. Similarly, the taste of success that comes from a newly found strategy for carb counting, a finely tuned basal rate or a bang on bolous for a tricky meal might give us the confidence to take a new step in our world outside of diabetes – getting back into running or cycling, a new career move, a first endurance race, parenthood.

At CIM, we have a knack for creating spaces where people can sidle right up to the edge of ‘I can’t’ and peer over the edge into the abyss. Knowing that, should they decide to take the leap, we will be waiting at the bottom with open arms. Rarely do we catch people. More often than not, they take flight.

For more details and insight into the play-by-play of the 5th Anunal Slipstream Weekend (and to see graphic footage from Minute-to-win-it) please read the following blogs by participants: Canadian D Gal – Chris’ blog  Life on T1 – Alanna’s blog  Many thanks to all those that made our 5th Annual Winter Slipstream Weekend the most incredible yet – including but not limited to, our incredible CIM Ambassador team. Our event sponsors – Medtronic of Canada, Bayer Diabetes, BD Canada and Sanofi-Aventis – we are so very grateful for your continued support. And to Mike Last Photo for making us look cool once again.