Connected Across Canada 2010 Trailer Updated [VIDEO]

Thanks to Hank Devos for filming and producing the Connected Across Canada 2010 Trailer! Just wait for the real deal…Coming October 2010!
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In early July 2010, the CIM Team embarked on a cross-Canada series of adventures – the first ever ‘Connetced Across Canada’ Summer Tour. Type 1’s from across the country came together to canoe in Ontario, hike in Nova Scotia, swim and cycle in New Brunswick, hike in Alberta and backpack in British Columbia. Together, they tested physical limits and blood sugars, predicted weather patterns and glucose fluctuations and navigated trails, lakes, rivers and insulin adjustments.

They tested their AIC’s on mountain tops, their bg’s in the pouring rain,  their pump sites while marmots looked on and gave injections by the light of a headlamp. They faced challenging terrain on the trails and on their CGM graphs, avoided encounters with wildlife as well as serious lows and surrounded themselves by incredible vistas and even better Type 1 companions.  They acquired bigger blisters, swam in colder waters and ate more Dex 4, trailmix and sausage than any one of them thought humanly possible… Like fluctuating blood sugars, there were highs and lows, moments of challenge followed by rocky mountain highs. Together, we embarked on a 2-month journey of what we do best; breathing fresh air into diabetes education. It was a summer of adventure, physical challenge, exploration and experiential learning. It was afterall, a summer of connecting in motion.

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  • Izabel Brioschi

    You are a very inspiring group of people! The more I explore your site and read about your journeys into bringing fresh air and education for those living with type 1 diabetes I feel blessed with the opportunity that my son was given when he joined the hikers at the Garibaldi Provincial Park. The heat on that day was unbearable , the back packs were gigantic and heavy and, as I watched all of you getting organized for the 5 hour hike up the mountain, all I saw was joy and excitement for the new adventure that was about to start. I knew that this experience was going to change my son’s life forever… And it did! It was an adventure of a life time! He had such a great time and he learned so much on how to control his diabetes while being so active. He was very excited to tell us that he rarely had to bolus insulin, due to the daily physical activities. Unfortunately, the hike had to end, and my son said: “I did not think that in a 5 day trip I would miss the people I met… but I do… It was quite sad when we said good bye… “
    New friendships were made and I can see that this short journey had a big impact in my son’s life and I just want to say Thank You to all for putting together such an incredible program! You are a bunch of incredible people!

  • I have oportunity to meet Chloe this weekend in USA and only I can say is GO ON GIRL!!

  • Tina

    I also met Chloe last weekend in the USA. She is the best and such a huge inspiration to all diabetics in the whole world.