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5.5er: Friend, family, partner, support system for a person living with T1D

There are moments in the life of a 5.5er where you wish with every bit of you that you could sincerely empathize with your diabetic loved one. Knowing that CIM has built such an encouraging and supportive platform for our diabetic counterparts has helped us 5.5ers breather a little easier.

5.5er Canoe Trip participant

Our 5.5ers Are An Active Part of Our Community

5.5ers are an important part of our community. The name ‘5.5er’ comes from that ever-elusive blood sugar reading that our friends without diabetes so frequently have, and that those of us with Type 1 strive for. You lucky buggars! The Type 1 community knows that no matter how hard we strive to live life without limits, it would never be possible without the love and support of our 5.5er Community. Whether you’re stashing our glucose tabs, meters, and extra insulin for us in your purse, patiently listening as we vent about BGs that just won’t come down, or putting up with the never-ending supply of empty juice boxes that seem to follow us around, what you do does not go unnoticed.

Looking for ways to get involved and support your loved ones (or maybe you don’t have any friends or family with diabetes, but still want to hang with the cool kids)? CIM offers many 5.5er-friendly events. All of our Day Events and Pub Nights are 5.5er-Friendly. We even offer a few adventure programs (and coming soon, Slipstreams!) just for you! Look for our ‘5.5er Friendly’ tag on CIM event pages, or click here.

Our 5.5ers also play a few other vital roles. CIMers (and people with Type 1 in general) often have a hard time convincing others to fundraise for something that directly benefits them. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? It’s challenging to ask people to support a cause that helps us live a limitless life because, well, it does just that. It helps us live without limits. From the outside, things don’t seem that hard. What is hard is talking about how hard life with diabetes is. Our 5.5ers play a very key role in helping us to spread the word about what we do and why CIM programming is important. Consider hosting a fundraise for CIM to show your loved one how much you care for them and support them. Or why not join Team CIM and fundraise in one of our running or adventure race programs? Learn more on this page: Donate

Believe it or not, people with Type 1 aren’t good at everything. In fact, we’ve noticed that we aren’t particularly good at asking for help. That presents a bit of a problem because there are TONS of things the CIM community DOES need help with. Check out the volunteer opportunities that exist and find a way to get involved. Have a skill that isn’t listed? Well, we probably didn’t know that we needed help with that. Let us know!