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Team CIM – Ottawa Race Weekend 2015

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23rd May

Join Team CIM and run the Ottawa 5k, 10k, Half and Full with the T1 community. Not into running? Join the best cheering squad on the block and share your energy in May!

Get Moving Series: Skating in Toronto

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3rd February

CIM is kicking off the Get Moving Series in Toronto on Tuesday February 3. Join us for an evening of skating at Nathan Phillips Square!

And the 2014 Inspiration Award goes to…

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28th November

Connected in Motion is driven by its community. Each and every one of our community members inspire us to grow––to push harder to redefine life with Type 1 diabetes and to breathe fresh air into diabetes education.

Awarded for the first time in 2012, the CIM Inspiration Award recognizes the individual whom has inspired us, and others living with type 1 diabetes, to live life without limits.

This year, there was no doubt who would be receiving the CIM Inspiration Award. There was one woman among us whose energy drives the entire community to do more, for more people with Type 1 diabetes. Congratulations to the 2014 CIM Inspiration Award winner, Stephanie Brodie! 

Steph (ironically, along with 2013′s Inspiration Award Winner, Amy Burrows) was the driving force behind the creation of one of CIM’s most energy filled and anticipated events of the year … Read More »

World Diabetes Day Photo Scavenger Hunt

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14th November

This year, we have folks from around the globe participating in the WDD Photo Scavenger Hunt and are collecting the photos online. Sign up to participate in your area, and help us put diabetes in the picture this World Diabetes Day!

Event Recap: Trampoline Dodgeball 2014

3rd November

Words: Amy Burrows

This years’ Trampoline Dodgeball event was the biggest yet. We saw 9 teams out! It was so great to see up with old friends and to meet new ones!

The staff at Sky Zone Toronto were so friendly and accommodating, setting us up with referees for the games and a table complete with grip-socks for registration!

People with Type 1 diabetes and 5.5ers (family and friends with fully functioning pancreases!) alike were dipping ducking and dodging as we played on two courts for over two hours! Being in the Slipstream and being surrounded by CIM folks meant handling diabetes was so much easier for me. Trampoline dodgeball is a tough work out, but the competition was even tougher this year. At the end of the day, this year’s coveted trophy (the Golden Wrench) went out to The … Read More »

Trampoline Dodgeball 2014

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25th October

Dodge, duck, dip, dive, bounce, and dodge with a team! Time to gather some friends (T1 and 5.5er alike) and hit the trampolines for the Third Annual Trampoline Dodgeball Tournament in support of Connected in Motion.

Event Recap: Intro to Spin Day

21st October

Words by: Stephanie Brodie

We may not have needed helmets, and we may not have traveled very far, but the puddles of sweat underneath our bikes, and a couple awesome blood sugars were proof that we all worked pretty hard. Intro to Spin day with other people with Type 1 diabetes is something I have envisioned for a long time in the Connected In Motion (CIM) line-up of events. CIM is a community that encourages active living, adventure, and education for Type 1 diabetics, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce a new type of activity that was a little different from what we normally do. I knew the crew is always open to new ideas and challenges, so I brought one of my biggest passions and skills to the table: Group Exercise and Fitness.

For two years … Read More »

Slipstream New Hampshire

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10th October

Please join us for our first ever Slipstream in New Hampshire! We’re excited to be hosting this event at the beautiful Joe Dodge Lodge, in the heart of Pinkham Notch of the White Mountains area.

Indoor Climbing and Bouldering Day

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4th October

Whether you’ve been climbing before, or you’re wanting to give it a try for the first time, come out and enjoy an afternoon of rock climbing and bouldering with the Type 1 Community. Bring your 5.5ers & Type 3s (friends, family members, support crew…) out to join in on the fun. Beginner climbers will have the chance to take an introductory lesson before hitting the walls – veterans can take a quick belay test and get climbing.

Introduction to Spinning

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14th September

Ever thought that Spinning would be something fun to try? Or maybe you want a new activity to keep you active during the winter months? Connected In Motion presents our first ever Introduction to Spinning class generously hosted by Goodlife and instructed by CIM Ambassador, Stephanie Brodie.

Announcing the New Venue for Slisptream in the City 2014!

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12th September

What are you doing the evening of Saturday, November 22nd? Save the date, because that’s when our annual Slipstream in the City party will be happening this year!

Plus, we’re pretty excited to officially announce that this year’s celebration in Toronto will be held at The Burroughes!

Located at the corner of Queen and Bathurst, the Burroughes building was originally build in 1907 and served as the flagship store for F.C. Burroughes Furniture Company Limited. While the lower floors remain commercial and office space, the topmost floor and rooftop terrace have been reserved as an event venue. The indoor event space is large, but divided in two by an open brick wall inscribed with the original store’s old advertisement; while, outdoors, the rooftop patio gives an incredible view of Toronto’s downtown skyline.

We hope you are as excited as we are for this … Read More »

Catching up with Erin Spineto, member of the Sea Peptide Swimmers

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19th August

A little while ago we chatted with Erin Spineto about the Sea Peptide Swimmers’ entry in the 2014 Swim Around Key West race. All three members of the team- Renee Moreno, Blair Ryan, Erin Spineto- have Type 1 diabetes and were getting ready to complete a 12.5-mile endurance swim around Key West. They completed that swim earlier this summer, and this past week we caught up with Erin to find out how the race went.

How was the Swim Around Key West!?

It went really well! But, there’s always stuff that jumps up and is different than expected. I swam the first leg of the race and was going against the current, which slowed me down. Turning a corner at one point, I started swimming into pretty big chop. I felt pretty sea sick for the last bit of my leg … Read More »

Catching up with Kyle Cochran, American Ninja Warrior

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8th July

We recently caught up with fellow Type 1 Kyle Cochran to ask him a few questions about how he’s prepped for his second season on American Ninja Warrior, and how life has changed since he was last on the show.

Q. What made you want to decide to compete, once again, as an American Ninja Warrior?

What keeps me competing is, truly, my supporters. So many diabetics or friends and family of diabetics have reached out to me through Facebook. Everyone’s support and encouragement means so much to me. I will continue to compete and push myself as long as my message somehow inspires people. That is what I do it for.

Q. What changes have you made in your training since last season? Is your mindset different at all?

The major change I have made to my training since last season … Read More »

Event Recap: Annual Canoe Trip 2014

1st July

Leaving everything but a few possessions behind to find yourself paddling downstream, with a wall of rock and forest surrounding you, and the sun on your back is as good a getaway as any in my books. I was glad to see many familiar faces and many new agreeing with me for this year’s Annual Canoe trip. We all met up at Achray Campground on the Thursday evening—building a fire, cooking banana boats, and chatting about life with Type 1 diabetes and our goals for the trip.

I managed to play a bit of musical canoes throughout the trip and paddle for a bit with most of the people out for the weekend. It’s always interesting to hear why people decided to come out to CIM programming, but this outing the reasoning appeared two-fold for many. Everyone on the trip seemed … Read More »

Annual Canoe Trip

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19th June

Looking to get out on the water, paddle in hand for a weekend? Want to meet some other Adults with T1 diabetes, share experiences, pick up some tips and tricks for living a healthy life with Type 1? Join us for the 5th Annual CIM Canoe Trip.

Event Recap: Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2014

3rd June

The weather forecast had originally called for rain, but we were in luck: it was warm clear skies for the better part of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. Even if it had rained all weekend, with 50 participants out to cheer and run with Team CIM this year, the event would have been a blast no matter what.

This year was by far the largest team we’ve had out for the weekend, but even though many of the faces were familiar, there were a lot of first going on: first time running a race, first half-marathon, first full-marathon, first time running multiple races, first time cheering with Connected in Motion. No matter the demands and obstacles in front of those goals, every single member of the team threw everything they had at those challenges to not only reach their objectives, but … Read More »

Meet Team CIM: Mother-Daughter team Debbie and Rebecca… plus one

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20th May

When I ask Rebecca the rather routine question of how old she was when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I get a rather non-routine response: “March 7th, 1990. It was a Wednesday,” she says matter-of-factly as we speak over the phone one evening, “It was right before March Break. I spent the entire break in the hospital. I was eight.”

Knowing that Rebecca played competitive hockey from the age of 6 years until the end of high school, I wonder how her habits had to shift upon her diagnosis. It sounds as though her and her family took it in stride. It turns out that March Break was perhaps the best time for her diagnosis, as her parents—both educators with time off for the break—were able to be there every day to learn more about adjusting to life … Read More »

Event Recap: Bumps’n’Pumps Beach Volleyball Tournament 2014

17th April

Words: Julie De Vos | Photos: Mike Last

Intense competition, major smiles and loud laughs, pokes and pricks, beads of sweat, sand in places it should not be all equal one thing: The Connected In Motion Bumps N’ Pumps Indoor beach volleyball tournament! Generously sponsored by Animas Canada and held once again at Beach Blast in Toronto.

And what a day we had!! The tournament consisted of a five game round robin play with 2 divisions battling it out for the 2 first place positions! Clever names and bright clothes made the day that much better. In the end our reining champs from last year, Sets on the Beach (get it…pump sets LOL) held onto their title and once again will keep the Golden Volleyball for one more year!

Thank you to all those teams and players that came … Read More »

Bumps & Pumps Beach Volleyball Tournament

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13th April

WHAT: Bumps & Pumps Beach Volleyball Tournament
WHERE: Beach Blast, Toronto
WHEN: Sunday April 13, 2014
WHO: The entire T1 community – T1s, 5.5ers, Friends, Family Members, ‘Support Crew’, etc.

The Sea Peptide Swimmers: An introduction

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2nd April

Erin Spineto, Kate Eldean, and Renee Moreno, all living with Type 1 diabetes, are embarking on a swimming adventure June 28, 2014. But, this wasn’t a spontaneous decision on any one person’s part; this is a story that has been years in the making.

Erin’s background is triathlon, but after years of running, biking, and swimming she came to a realization: “I’m not built for running, and I suck at it.” Well there’s a little more to it than that, she explains, “When doing triathlon races I would come of out the water in the top 10, would do okay on the bike, but would have everyone passing on the running course.” So, she decided to drop the biking and running, and do what she says comes most naturally to her—swimming. She wanted a swim race that would leave her feeling … Read More »

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