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Words by Stephi Walker | Photos by Blair Ryan & Alicia de la Rosa

This is the third annual re-incarnation of the CIM Adventure Team and we are so excited to announce that applications for the 2018 team are now open! The 2016 and 2017 teams were extremely successful, each raising over $20,000 to enable more people access to CIM programming while raising the profile for what living with Type 1 can be.

In 2018, the Adventure Team will hike the Rockwall Trail in British Columbia.

Another hike, you ask? YES! Not a paddle or a sea-kayak or… anything else apart from a hike? No! But what if hiking sounds like self-inflicted bipedal torture to me?!

Okay, well we think hiking is great and here are just a few reasons why we think you could love hiking (with CIM!) too.


Ever sat in a canoe and worried that the person in your bow/stern thought you were slacking off? Or, conversely, ever thought that your canoe partner could buck up and work a bit harder? Well, here’s the solution: hiking.

Hiking puts us all on the same platform and it breeds empathy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, 6ft 2” or 5ft 4”: working hard shows when you’re hiking. And seeing all your teammates putting their heart and soul into getting one foot in front of another is pretty damn inspiring.


You know how everything always looks so easy and glamorous on social media? Amazingly, it even works for hiking. But the reality is pretty different.

If you’ve ever gone trekking, hiking or day hiking, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Loosing your balance and falling over while trying to get that pack on your back. Puffing and panting and stopping for a break every 20 seconds because the hill is impossibly steep. Crumpling into a pile when you find out you’re only halfway there. Crouching to get under a log that’s fallen over the trail and getting trapped because it’s snagged one of the many loops on your backpack.

These are the moments that are raw, real and hilarious – the moments we know that we are really living.

And it’s not even on Instagram (yet).


There is something primal about walking. It’s partly how our ancestors propagated around the world, exploring every remote nook and cranny looking for hospitable land to prosper.

Never been on a multi-day pilgrimage where everything you need is on your back? Don’t worry, you’re built for it. We all are.


Yes, this is a reason in itself to go hiking. Think trekking poles are only ‘for old people’ – think again!

Did you know that trekking poles can take up to 40% of the strain off your knees, reduce muscle damage and actually help you walk faster? By transferring some of the weight to your arms, they also help give you a full body work-out – summer guns here we come.

With basic trekking poles as cheap as $30, there is no reason not to get out there!


Last year we did a survey of all our Adventure Team applicants. We wondered, maybe people would prefer to go canoeing? So, we asked.

The verdict was overwhelmingly clear: 100% of applicants wanted to hike!

This is not to say we would never do a CIM Adventure Team paddle. That sounds great too.

APPLY NOW to be part of the 2018 CIM Adventure Team.  Help redefine Type 1.  You won’t regret it!  At least not for long..