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Chelsea Lumiere

Chelsea Lumiere ‘In Motion’

Chelsea was born in Munich, Germany and has moved around quite a bit since then. She calls Montreal her home town, but Toronto has been her base for the past three years.

What’s her story?

Chelsea graduated from Concordia University in political science and now works at the World Wildlife Fund as Events Coordinator. She goes adventuring to amazing places such as Iceland, Hawaii and Morocco, and grabs any opportunity she can to travel!

Chelsea was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 10 and was lucky enough to attend Camp Carowanis, a camp in Quebec for kids with diabetes. Growing up, Chelsea was an avid sailor and was also into horseback riding and rugby. At the age of 14 Chelsea’s family moved to Honduras, and since then she has become passionate about traveling and seeing the world.
What keeps you in Motion?

Chelsea enjoys running, hiking and also likes to try new activities. She has recently discovered a love of surfing, and she also recently went skydiving…searching for the thrill of a lifetime! She keeps fit through spinning classes, gym boot camp, hiking and getting outside to run around whenever she can. Her interests range from djembe drumming to pancake making.

Words of ‘Betes Wisdom

Once you break through and stare it in the eye, you can control it. Once you control it, there’s nothing you can’t do!