Product Review: OneTouch Verio Flex and Reveal App

By November 1, 2017Fresh Air Blog

In the world of diabetes, we are constantly being bombarded with new products and the advertising and marketing that comes along with it. One of the strengths of the CIM community is bringing together people who have been test drivers for almost everything that’s out there to try. Be it a new meter, the latest pump technology, or an app to help make life with Type 1 just a little bit easier, someone out there has tried it and can tell you about it. When you meet someone who is also living the day-in-day-out of Type 1, their opinions mean something. They get it.

One thing that is missing in the Type 1 space in Canada is a place to go to get the low down on something new that’s out there. Enter – the CIM Test-Drive Team! You’ll start hearing more from our community over the coming year about the tools they tried and put to the test.

To kick things off, we decided to review the new OneTouch Verio Flex meter synced with the OneTouch Reveal app. Each member of the Test Drive Team received a free meter and 100 strips from OneTouch and was asked to use the meter until their strips ran out, and provide us their thoughts.

Below we’ve compiled the Team’s highlights and recommendations. Here’s what they thought.

Note: OneTouch is one of Connected in Motion’s 2017 Summit Sponsors. Our work with the team at OneTouch allows us to bring CIM programming to life. Although CIM receives sponsorship support, product reviewers do not receive any compensation outside of a free meter and strips.  


Tammy Hand

T1D since 1976

Tammy Hand grew up in Scarborough Ontario. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 10 – sadly it was just after Halloween and her brother got to eat all of her candy. On the good side she started going to Diabetic Camp where she got in touch with her nature self. Tammy spends her days at her dream job instructing at one of the Peel District School Boards Outdoor/Environmental Education Centres. To her, outside doing stuff, experiencing life = fun. Tammy is excited to be joining the CIM Adventure Team heading to Gros Morne this summer because she am stoked to explore a place she has never been, to push her limits and to spread the word to others that life with Type 1 Diabetes can be full of possibilities

Interesting Fact: Tammy was a member of the 2016 CIM Adventure Team and completed the Long Range Traverse in Gros Morne National Park

Luke Cameron

T1D since 1990

Luke joined the CIM board in 2016. After attending Winter Slipstream 2012, Luke has consistently been involved with CIM events, either participating or volunteering. Having T1 since 1990, Luke wants to help CIM reach other T1s that haven't had the opportunity to experience CIM. Luke has worked in the water/wastewater field since 2004.

Interesting Fact: Luke chucks axes.

Tina Sartori

T1D since 1992

Tina has been rocking the world of living with T1 for 25 years. She is the Executive Director at Montessori Academy of London and lives in the city with her husband Kary and 9 year old son William. Together they love to fish and be outside!

Charlie Campagnaro

T1D since 2017

Charlie Campagnaro is 58 years old and from Guelph Ontario. He has been married to Rosanna for 30 years and has four awesome 20 something-year-old children. Charlie has a first cousin that was diagnosed with Type 1 as an infant, but so far he's the only dia-awesome one in my family. Charlie has been living with Diabetes for 16 years - originally diagnosed Type 2 in 2001 and switched to Type 1 in Jan 2017.

Interesting fact: Charlie was prescribed oral meds, exercise, and diet, but that couldn't control his A1C. So his newly appointed endocrinologist said, ``Guess what, you need insulin. Maybe your original diagnosis was wrong?`` Who knew? Pushing on..... Charlie is also trying his best to not grow old mentally.

Paul Chalmers

T1D since 2000

Paul Chalmers lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario and works full-time for U-Haul. He also is completing his BA in Business Management. Paul loves long walks on the beach, snowboarding, reading and hanging with friends. He loves Slipstreams and looks forward to the chance to meet new friends and connect with old ones (that you haven't seen in 16 years from before you both had diabetes - seriously, that happened). Paul is excited to learn new and interesting ideas about diabetes.

Interesting Fact: In 2016, Paul received Niagara's 40 under 40 business award for young leaders in the Niagara area.

Becky Nelson

T1D since 1990

I went on my first canoe trip 7 years ago with Connected in Motion, and am now
hooked. Any chance I get to go on a canoe trip I will take it. If I can get
other people to see what the great adventures are all about, I will try to show
them...including my dad!

Interesting Fact: Becky was less than 1kg when she was born.

Rebecca Fitzgerald

T1D since xxxx

Rebecca Fitzgerald lives in Ottawa and loves to go camping, play hockey, cycle on the Trans-Canada trail and spend time with her family! She's attended lots of Slipstreams including the first one and most recently volunteered at Western Slipstream 2017.

Interesting Fact: Rebecca loves to cross-country ski and can't wait for the snow!

Allison Mitchell

T1D since 2012

Allison lives in Guelph, Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids. Her world changed when she was diagnosed with T1D 5 years ago while in her mid-30s. In an effort to create a community and sense of belonging, Allison started a local Meetup group for adults living with T1D to provide an opportunity to connect with, learn from, and share with each other. Professionally, she leads a charitable organization that provides career exploration programs to youth. She is eternally curious, love challenges, and always looking for growth. The hike through Cape Scott is outside of Allison’s comfort zone and she can’t wait for the challenge!

Interesting Fact: Allison was part of the amazing CIM Adventure Hike Team that hiked the North Coast Trail in August 2017.

We asked our review team to provide us their feedback specifically related to the physical design and usability of the meter as well as the functionality of the OneTouch Reveal app. We wanted to know – was it easy to hold? Did they like how it looked? Did the OneTouch Reveal app decrease diabetes burden? Were there any features that made them go “Oh wow! They really thought about that!”. We know that there are so many factors that go into making a diabetes product great (or not so great), but at the end of the day, we need to be able to use it to comment. Let’s see what they had to say.


"It is awesome to have your meter sync to your phone to have all your numbers on one easy convenient app. Diabetes takes time which I don't always have, but to have your numbers on your phone to review and manage means I can do that whenever is convenient."

PaulT1D since 2000

At-a-glance range display

The Verio Flex uses something called ColourSure indicators. As a general overview, the ColourSure indicators:

  • Correlate with your custom high (red), in range (green), and low (blue) alerts (that you set yourself)

The team thought that this was interesting and, just like the white colour of the meter, a nice stray away from the red, yellow, green we are used to seeing in the diabetes world to indicate highs and lows.

The Test Drive Team liked the readability of the screen. Several of the team mentioned that the larger number size and arrow markers are especially helpful for anyone who struggles to see the usual tiny font common on many of meters. This would be an especially helpful feature for seniors and children.

Individuals liked that by just glancing at the app, they could see their time spent in range. The OneTouch Verio Flex meter allows you to set your high and low ranges. As patterns begin to emerge, you can also see trends in the app – a useful tool for making small changes to your daily routine. For example, by being able to see that your BGs are rising every day mid-afternoon will allow you to make changes to basal rates, bolus ratios, or maybe just what you’re eating for lunch.

Decreased Burden

Several features were discussed by the Test Drive Team that, overall, helped the meter decrease the burden of testing. These features included:

  • Settings that were easy to configure
  • Data that was automatically uploaded to the users smartphone – either Apple or Android
  • Auto-shutoff of the meter. Once the strip was removed, the meter turned off right away wasting less battery life
  • Small blood sample size
product review - OneTouch

Slim, bundled, easy on the finger tips

The OneTouch Verio Flex meter has a unique feature that almost all of our Test Drive Team loved: It comes in a case that bundles together the meter, strips, and lancing device into one, discreet unit.

Discreet is key here. The Team loved that it was easier to carry around than many meters because of its slim design – ladies, there is no longer a need to rummage through your purse to find that bottle of test strips that have escaped! Gentlemen, think of all of the places you can stash your meter when it comes in one piece – pants pocket, shirt pocket… okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but we still love the design. And this is one of the first meters we’ve seen that isn’t the meter-standard black. Its white colour stands out in a good way. It’s clean, crisp looking, and something different.

The lancing device, the Delica, was new to many of our product reviewers and was well received. The Test Drive Team mentioned across the board that it hurt less than other lancing devices (or pokers, in the typical T1 lingo) they had used.


We asked the Test Drive Team: “If you had the chance to sit down with a development team to influence one piece of the OneTouch Verio Flex meter or OneTouch Reveal app, what would your recommendations be.” We’ve included some of our favourites below.

Light It Up

One thing that many users, especially those who had used the previous version of the OneTouch Verio meter missed, was the meter light. Many members of the Test Drive Team mentioned that a light on the meter – both to illuminate the strip and the meter screen itself would be a massive asset.

Make It Stick

The OneTouch Verio Flex meter, as mentioned above, comes with a neat bundling option. One of the challenges that some of the product reviewers mentioned was that the bundle itself is not fastened to the case. For some users, this provided a challenge as the meter would fall out of the case when opened. For others, especially those who forego using the case, they quite liked the feature. Something to keep in mind when you put this meter to use!