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Sarah Ketcheson

Sarah Ketcheson ‘in Motion’

A self-proclaimed science nerd and brainstorming queen, Sarah loves being outside and watching nature happen. She was diagnosed with diabetes at 14 and after just 8 months headed off to Camp Huronda, a summer camp for kids with Type 1 diabetes. That first summer eventually led into working at camp for the next 9 years as a counsellor, lifeguard, high ropes and climbing tower instructor and finally as co-ordinator for the Junior Counsellor program.

Outside of camp, she graduated with a degree in Ecology (hence the science nerd title) and last year graduated with her Bachelor of Education. She currently lives and teaches in Calgary, AB. Teaching outdoor education is a natural fit for Sarah, as it means that she can spend most of her days tromping through the marshes, fields, forests and mountains – sharing her passion with ‘little’ ‘aspiring’ science nerds both in and out of the classroom.

Sarah feels that Connected in Motion is exactly what is needed in the world of diabetes. In fact, Sarah was Connected in Motion’s very first official member!

She says ‘There are just too many members of the Type 1 posse doing cool things that are never heard about’. Connecting with these people, hearing about their adventures and helping others to do the same, is what Sarah looks forward to most! Well, that and hanging out in hip waders.