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Team CIM runs the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon Races

A huge congrats to Team Connected in Motion!

On Sunday September 27th 2009, over 30 CIMers showed up bright and early to run in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Races – 18 took on the 5km distance and 12 committed to the 1/2 marathon.

Speaking of commitment, Type 1’s, family and friends came from far off places like London, St. Catherines, Whitby and even HALIFAX to join the team.

Clad (for the first time!) in our brand new Sugoi CIM Race Jerseys and bright green headbands, we were easy to pick out of the crowd as we challenged ourselves and diabetes on the race course.

Being able to pick fellow CIMers out of the crowd while running was an incredible morale booster – we shouted words of encouragement across the crowd,  slowed down while glucometers were pulled out and BG’s were tested on the fly, and passed off tubes of Dex 4 as if they were relay batons.

A number of people were running for the very first time – and you can see by the smiles that it was a positive experience for all.

After the race, sweaty and elated, we gathered on the lawns of Osgoode Hall for a team picnic (generously supported by Medtronic Diabetes). There, over handmade salad rolls, chicken strips, quinoa salad, Greek pasta salad, fresh fruit kababs and fresh baked chocolate chippers, we had a chance to hang out, schmooze, and celebrate with teammates – sharing stories from the race and tales of highs and lows. People who met at past CIM events had a chance to catch up and fresh new faces had a chance to connect.

Of course we also shared in a team bolus. . .

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone for coming out yesterday. To the runners, significant others, siblings, kidlets, aunts, uncles and friends…

A huge congrats to everyone for a successful race. We should all be proud of ourselves for setting a goal, working towards it and taking on the challenge of running with diabetes.

Together, we kicked some serious diabetes-butt out there – and looked darn good in the process!!

To the 5.5ers (people with fully functioning pancreases) who ran as part of the team, your involvement and support means so much to us – having family and friends by our side makes us that much stronger.

What? You weren’t there yesterday and are feeling left out? YOU want to run with Team Connected in Motion? We will be running again as a team in SPRING 2010, keep checking the website for updates and announcements.