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Event Recap: Western Slipstream 2014

Once in a while, the ENTIRE CIM Team is able to swing being together for an event – and that’s when the magic happens. A short time ago, as Ontario was enjoying a Summer-in-the-Fall, the CIM Team was heading west to the beautiful Canmore, Alberta to welcome Western Slipstreamers to our first Slipstream event in Alberta. After a quick (er… maybe not so quick…)  hike to stretch our legs, the CIM Team got down to business with last minute prepping in the amazing Alpine Club of Canada Canmore Clubhouse. On Friday night, 28 adults with Type 1 diabetes rolled into the Alpine Club and Western Slipstream was kicked into gear. (We should note, Western Slipstream sold out early this year! Twenty-eight was our max capacity at the Alpine Club and we were so sad to have had to turn some folks away – See you next year instead?!) On Saturday morning, the Western Slipstream crew joined fellow Type 1, mountain guide and adventurer extraordinaire Geoff Thorton Trump for a hike up Wind Pass. Not even the chilly weather and the dense fog could dampen our spirits. Everyone climbed to Wind Pass to enjoy some lunch (with a side of clouds for dessert – we literally were in the clouds!) before venturing back to the Alpine Club for some much needed rest. After some down time, Slipstreamers reconvened to learn from fellow Type 1,  Mental Health Coach (and new mom!) Lauren Moore about the power of relaxation, meditation and listening to our hearts in BG management. Saturday night’s Pizza and Wine Bar was a great way to wind things down as we prepped to learn a bit more about the DexCom from Animas, the New Generation Enlite Sensor form Medtronic, and the Disability Tax Credit from CIM’s Virtue Bajurny. The night was rounded off with The Diabetes Game of Life. Hilarity ensued as CIMers competed in a team versus team competition that had team honing their carb counting, exercise + fitness, communication, and culinary skills (with a few twists!) throughout the night. Although the competition was close, a huge shout out to Caroline, Russ and Amy for coming out on top as the Champions of the Diabetes Game of Life! The Slipstream Toast. S’mores. Music. And, of course, CIM’s infamous ‘No Shit, There I Was’ campfire stories. We need to write a book, Slipstreamers – seriously! Sunday morning brought with it wonderful sunshine and perfect temperatures for a morning StandUp Paddle Board lesson with Canmore’s own Chad Guenter’s SoulFlow Paddle Co. Groups received an introductory SUP lesson and had the chance to explore Grassi Lakes, under Canmore’s towering Ha Ling Peak. A huge shout out to Chad and SoulFlow Paddle Co for their expertise and for sharing the love of paddling. As a closing activity, Slipstreamers took the time to enjoy the Grassi Lakes hike. We took time to reflect on our experiences. Far too often do we take for granted all that we do as adults with Type 1 to live healthy lives. Each Slipstreamer spent some time to focus on gratitude and on appreciating all that we do for ourselves every hour of every day. Slipstreamers, keep your eye on your mailbox in 6 months! 😉
Speaking of gratitude, we owe a lot after the amazing experiences had at Western Slipstream. During this Slipstream, I (this is Jen, by the way!) was reinvigorated with such excitement for the community that is building across the country (and across North America!) I specifically remember speaking with Sandra and Caroline on the hike down from Wind Pass. I was telling them about the recent Digital Makeover that CIM won. Sometimes it’s just the little things that make such the difference – I remember Caroline exclaiming: “We won that?!” We. Just that word alone reminded me of what a wonderful community is being built together.

Thank you to each and every Slipstreamer who came out to Western Slipstream. To all of those people who chose to do something for themselves and their diabetes. To each person who took a risk and pushed their comfort zones and walked away with some new friends! (It’s been so great to see the conversations flowing between everyone on social media this past week!)

Thank you to the CIM Team for all that they do each and every day to make this community thrive.

Thank you to Virtue for your commitment from the get-go in making CIM better each day and for the care you show to each and every Slipstreamer that we cross paths with.

Thank you to Julie for jumping right in and being such a natural. Can you believe that Julie only started working for CIM just 9 months ago?! Your creativity is unparalleled and your excitement for CIM is so contagious! (Did you ever think you’d be running Tabloid (Diabetes Game of Life) programs for your real-life job?!)

Thank you to Hank for being a sounding board when we need it and for making us look so darn cool! If you haven’t had the chance, go see all of the amazing pieces Hank has created for CIM. Show our YouTube channel some love! Thank you for volunteering so much of your time, Chef!

Thank you to Mike for fitting CIM into your busy, busy schedule so willingly! Mike is the brains behind the CIM website and the reason we look epic (not that we aren’t fully epic!) in all of our CIM pics. Check out CIM’s Adventure Gallery and take a peak at Mike’s amazing work!

Thank you to CIM’s Western Slipstream Sponsor, Animas Canada and Supporter, Medtronic of Canada. We are so grateful for the love and support that you have both shown the diabetes community. You are the reason that we are able to grow and we are so appreciative of the excitement you have for what we do. Next time you see your local rep, send them some love!

Thank you to the Medtronic Foundation and Eli Lilly Canada for the grants that are helping to make CIM’s 2014 possible.

Keep your eyes on the CIM Facebook Page for more pics, soon!