We build active communities focused on experiential, peer-based Type 1 diabetes education.





We want to connect you with people you can relate to – people your age who live with diabetes every single hour of every single day. And we want to get you outside, moving and on an adventure.

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Connecting allows individuals to share their experiences, challenges, techniques, strategies and successes with each other. We think that people living with diabetes can be the best resource for people living with diabetes.


We will inspire you to create a healthy lifestyle. Since we live with diabetes too, we know that when you’re down in the diabetes dumps, sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to get back on track.

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Let us help you find that something! Whether it’s introducing you to someone with an incredible story, putting you in touch with someone who does what you do or giving you a chance to push your personal limits, we’ll find a way.


We want to motivate you to take full responsibility for your personal health and well-being. In our opinion, to ‘succeed’ means grabbing diabetes by the horns. We can help you set some goals right off the bat.

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Do you need new ideas? New tools? New technology? Inspiration? Or just a kick in the pants?
 Whatever your definition of success, we’re here to help you out in every way we can. You can be sure that we’ll be cheering you on the entire way.

Get outside with CIM

Unique, active, experiential diabetes education and programming

What I learned and experienced in 3 days with CIM would’ve taken me months to learn by myself. I loved being outdoors and connecting with people who understand diabetes first hand!

Slipstream Participant

After living half of my life with diabetes, what a refreshing weekend to reconnect with new friends and old, and more importantly to take a moment to simply focus on living well with Type 1 diabetes.

Western Slipstream Participant

Slipstream was an amazing experience for me. I left the weekend having experienced new things, having met new friends and with exciting new ideas on how to better manage my diabetes!

Slipstream Participant

What is a Slipstream Weekend?

A weekend jam-packed with outdoor adventure, engaging workshops, great food and incredible people. It’s a chance to connect with like-minded Type 1s – focused on the positives of what we CAN do with Type 1 diabetes.


Get In The Slipstream      See Where We've Been

Why Slipstream?

Just as geese in a V formation or cyclists in a peloton, when people living with diabetes travel together, we move further, faster, stronger. This realization came to CIM’s founder Chloe Vance in 2008, when she was cruising down the road with a group of Type 1 cyclists in New Zealand. It inspired her to create a diabetes slipstream that has taken the diabetes community by storm.


Experiential Education

We build & support communities of healthy, active, and educated adults engaged in diabetes self-management by connecting lessons learned about Type 1 with real life experiences.


A crucial part of the diabetes community, they are the friends, family, and support networks of people with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) – named affectionately for their elusive blood glucose level of 5.5mmol/L.


A Slipstream Weekend is an active, social and educational weekend for adults (19+) living with Type 1 diabetes (T1D). 

Slipstream in the City

Not into the outdoors? That’s just fine by us. We also host awesome events geared toward city folk!

CIM Adventures

A little more epic. Push the boundaries of your comfort zone and join us on an adventure paddling in the backcountry, hiking in the interior, or catching some surf.

CIM in the States

We’re not just for Canadians, eh! With the help of some great partners, we’re expanding our programming to T1D communities across North America.

Who We Work With

Collaboration makes everything we do possible.


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